Game of Thrones Sticker set

Game of Thrones Sticker set by dreamchaserart | Etsy
These are hand made Stickers that I have created. They come in a set of Game of Thrones characters; You can also request more than one sticker from the same character or a smaller set of only 5 characters for example. please send me a note first if you wish to have a smaller set. Please make a choice above what kind of set you would like to receive. The set includes the following characters: -Tyrion, -Denearys, -Jon Snow, -Arya Stark, -Kahl Drogo -Hodor with Bran Stark. -Ser Jorah mormont -Robb stark -Theon Greyjoy -the hound -margery tyrell -king jeoffrey - brianne of tarth -loras tyrell renly baratheon NEW!! -sansa -jaime lannister -ned stark -cercei lannister -melissandre Each Sticker is about 6 cm in height. ( 3 to 3.5 inches tall.) YOU CAN NOW ALSO SELECT DIFFERENT COOL FINISHES FOR YOUR STICKERS. just choose from the drop down menu above the "add to cart" button, wich finish you prefer. NOTE: the copyright sentence will not be on the final product! This is not a sticker sheet, but each character is a seperate sticker. They will also make really nice gifts to give to friends and familly. I can also send to another ship address with a gift note identifying the sender if so desired. All of are printed on high quality 250gr. glossy stickerpaper with a plastic glossy film finish for extra protection. NOTE!!: If, for example, you want a set of only 5 or you want more stickers of the same character, let me know in a message and I can do a custom listing for you.